Compost Worms

Due to recent high demand, our breeding stocks are down to very low levels. Unfortunately this means we will need to suspend all compost worm orders until at least November. Please send us an email here if you would like to be added to the waitlist. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Please Note: If you are located outside of the Greater Darwin area, please contact us first, to discuss the best delivery options for your live worms (We currently do not send our compost worms outside of the NT).

Our blend of compost worm species was specifically selected to maximise your worm farm’s activity in tropical and subtropical environments throughout the year. We breed them right here in Darwin so you can be assured that they are ready for the tropical lifestyle! (Scroll down for more info…)

House them in one of our Aussie made worm farms, made from recycled plastic, and reap the benefits of having your own continuous supply of worm castings!

  • Farm Top-up Bag – 125g of mixed worms plus bedding – $30.00 inc. GST
  • Farm Starter Bag – 250g of mixed worms plus bedding – $50.00 inc. GST

All Compost Worm orders come packed in a hessian bag that can be used as a blanket!


Our compost worms are born and bred right here in Darwin NT, and are a mix of 4 main species:

  • Eisenia Fetida – Commonly known as Tiger Worms or Red Wigglers.
  • Eisenia Andrei – A Red Worm closely related to the Red Wiggler, but darker in colour.
  • Perionyx Excavatus – A tropical worm commonly known as the Indian or Malaysian Blue Worm.
  • Eudrilus Eugeniae – A large tropical worm known as the African Night Crawler.

We have refined our compost worm mix specifically for use in the tropics and subtropics. We have included 2 truly tropical worm species, and a 2 all-round worm species, in order to maintain high activity in your farm at all times of the year. Depending on your actual geographical location and season, you may notice some worm species will outnumber others in your farm at different times, as they respond to your local conditions.

House them in one of our Aussie made worm farms, made from recycled plastic, and reap the benefits of having your own continuous supply of worm castings!

What to feed your worms:

Compost worms will actually eat anything that was once alive. Great! The catch being that they like their tucker to be in the process of breaking down and covered in micro-organisms before they tend to move in and start munching. This means that overfeeding kitchen scraps to your farm will probably result in piles of rotting food. Apart from heating up your farm as it starts the composting process, it may also attract insects and vermin, long before your worms are ready to dig in. Not to mention the smell!

Here are some handy tips to keep your worms happy, and your farm clean and odour free:

  • Feed your compost worms small amounts of a diverse range of kitchen scraps, more often. Ensure they have eaten the last meal before feeding them again. How quick they move through a meal will depend on the weather, type of scraps you are feeding them and how many worms are in your bin. Notice what they like and omit any foods that sit around for too long.
  • Worms don’t have teeth, and rely on microorganisms to soften food for them. Try finely chopping or blending their food so they can get into it quicker.
  • Worms like a neutral pH, so they will leave acidic foods like citrus and onion, until they have broken well down and neutralised. If you don’t want these foods sitting in your worm farm, omit them from your feeding.
  • When in doubt, only feed half the surface area of your farm at a time. This will allow space for the worms to move out from underneath any foods that may be inadvertently toxic or acidic.
  • Do you compost? Compost is a healthy fast-food for worms as it has already broken down and teaming with delicious microorganisms. Just be sure that the composting process has finished, to avoid heating up your farm.