It's time to do something about commercial food waste in the NT...

There are a lot of statistics out there and it doesn’t take too much skill on the web to uncover the magnitude of food waste being thrown into landfill and the staggering amount of greenhouse gas emissions it is creating. Not to mention the loss of a truly valuable resource for our soils. We could take up a lot of space scaring you with these numbers, but honestly, the only statistics we are interested in are those related to food and organic waste that is DIVERTED from landfill. Our entire business model is devoted to improving these numbers.

On-site Composting Systems for your Business

Like recycling, taking the time to seperate your food waste as you are disposing of it takes planning and effort. Add to this, pure food waste is heavy, attracts pests and can get very nasty, very quickly in our tropical climate. You simply have no choice but to get your processes right. From large scale bokashi fermentation to on-site in-vessel composting systems, we can work with you to develop a food waste solution for your business.

If you need advice on how you could be dealing with your own food waste on-site, contact us now!

Food Waste Collection Service from just $3.50+GST per pickup*

If you are determined to reduce your business food waste and improve your carbon footprint, but need someone else to do the heavy lifting, you are in luck! Our current in-vessel, commercial composting capacity is increasing and we are investing in new technology in 2021 to take us up to the next level. (Please note: This service is currently only available for Darwin based food businesses)

To enquire about our food waste collection service and ancillary options, contact us now!

* Price is per 20L bucket of fresh, non-contaminated food waste collected from the Darwin area. Conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

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