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ZERO Tolerance Policy to plastic contamination now in place.

Anzac Parade Commercial Composting Facility

The food waste composting facility at Middle Point, about 45 minutes out of Darwin, is a partnership between Eco Passive and Teak Valley Pty Ltd and has been operating since March 2022. 

We currently process weekly deliveries of supermarket and hospitality organic waste, including certified compostable packaging, turning it into rich compost for the local farm.

The facility is closed to the public but we will consider new sources of organic waste on application. Have a chat to your preferred waste collection company or contact us and we will help you to set up the service.

Please note, we do not currently accept organics that are listed in Schedule 2 of The Waste Management and Pollution Control (Administration) Regulations 1998.

We can accept certified compostable packaging to the following standards:

We can accept uncontaminated food waste from most supermarket and hospitality streams:

A clean load of supermarket organics.

A load contaminated with plastic packaging.

To enquire about options for your business, contact us now!